E-mail and appeal action by Amnesty International against a new threat of mass death sentences (of almost 500 people!) In Egypt, including 11 minors are even affected!


Here i want to show you an action against a new possible mass executions in Egypt!:

The new threat of mass death sentence relates to 494 defendants were with 400 defendants because alleged murder and thus must face the death penalty! The remaining 94 are charged with destruction of public propertyand unauthorized demonstrationson attacks on the security forces” to “hamper the work of state institutions“.

Including 11 children are under the defendants, and the 18-year-old Ibrahim Halawa with Egyptian and Irish citizenship is accused , although for Amnesty International, he is a prisoner of conscience!

Here is the appeal action with addresses from Amnesty International !:


Here even Amnesty International (in Germany) made an email action and appeal action (addresses are listed on the actionwebsite from Amnesty) against this new threat of mass death sentences!:


Other actions against other already mass executions in Egypt (more than 40 defendant with death penalty and more than 400 with life imprisonment !) could you under my blog at WordPress” Read and Join it!:


Please take part in the e-mail and appeal action, there may be new mass riots in Egypt and become a vicious cycle!

Patrick Steinhuber, 94496 Ortenburg, Germany


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