Amnestyaction and Onlinepetition ( Against the execution of Kenneth Fults in Georgia USA on 12 April

Here i want to show you the Amnestyaction and Onlinepetition ( for Kenneth Fults against his execution on 12 April in Georgia.

Here some text from Amnesty International:

Kenneth Fults, a 47-year-old African American man sentenced to death in 1997, is due to be executed on 12 April in Georgia. In 2005, one of the jurors signed a sworn statement that he had voted for the death penalty because “that’s what the nigger deserved”.


The courts have also dismissed the claim that Kenneth Fults was provided less than adequate legal representation at the sentencing. Although the jury heard some mitigating evidence – that the defendant’s IQ had been assessed at 74, that he suffered depression, and could not always understand the consequences of his actions – some other former jurors have signed affidavits that the trial lawyer made little effort to save his client from the death penalty and was seen to be sleeping during proceedings. They said that they should have been presented with information such as the evidence uncovered by appeal lawyers about Kenneth Fults’s childhood of neglect and abandonment – he was born to a 16-year-old mother who later became addicted to crack cocaine – and evidence of intellectual disability. In 2006, a clinical psychologist assessed Kenneth Fults as “a mildly mentally retarded individual” (now known as intellectual disability), with an IQ of 72.

Onlinepetition for him from


Here the Amnesty International Appealaction:


Please support it.

P. Steinhuber





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